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Why use a 100% natural and vegan candle? This is a favorite element the whole year, because they adorn, aromatize and promote a very pleasant environment. They are an excellent option for a gift or for a special event.

But you have to be careful with the kind you chose, as some brands use bee’s wax or stearic acid which are animal products. Fortunately, there are options that are free from animal cruelty, these are the natural and vegan candles.

Natural and vegan candles are better

Scented candles for aromatherapy: These are the best and the most wanted, they can have vanilla, eucalyptus or lavender fragrance.

• Pure wellness candle: It is made from soja wax end lavender, rose and sandalwood essential oils. It is a wonderful option to relax.

• Slightly bitter candle: It has shaddock and lemon fragrances, that can seem bitter but will leave a sweet taste.

• Jazmin scent candle: The marvelous Jazmin scent can decrease stress and make your space a place you would always want to stay.

Benefits of natural and vegan candles

More than limiting the use of animal sub products, there are a lot of reasons to use vegan candles. In the case of paraffin candles, that are made from petroleum, it is not advisable to inhale their odor, because they can emit carcinogenic compounds. 

The benefits of vegan candles are:

• Soja is a renewable resource and non-toxic,

• They burn longer and the surplus wax is biodegradable.

• Soja wax can be cleaned with water and soap.

• From the production view point, they are usually more sustainable.

• Scent is released better so that your home smells incredible for more time.

Scented Soy Candles

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