Scented Soy Candles

Why is it recommended to use scented soy candles? Candles are still used as a necessary ornamental accessory, especially if you want to enjoy a relaxed environment with a very pleasant smell.

They are also used to decorate, for a special diner or in any other special place of the house. The thing is that these types of candles are made of soy, an ingredient very used nowadays. Thanks to their characteristics and their numerous benefits, most people love to use them.

They are 100% natural and are designed to protect your health.

Why to choose scented soy candles?

They are made of soybeans, so they are natural, secure, ecological and biodegradable.

They do not produce any contaminated smoke because they don´t contain paraffin, nor do they produce black soot.

As a result, soy candles do not represent a risk for your health. Plus, scented soy candles burn themselves slower than paraffin candles representing more durability.

Another reason to choose this type of product is that they are excellent fragrance producers that do not require chemical amplifiers.

Benefits of using scented soy candles

The benefits are many, between them are:

● They are natural products, because they come from soybeans.

● They are different from paraffin candles, because soy candles are natural renewable resources, but paraffin candles come from petroleum.

● Their aroma stays for much time on the environment.

● Their remainder are not toxic and you can clean them just with soap and water.

● They can be kindled for much more time than paraffin candles.

Opinions of using scented soy candles

In the case of people that do not use chemical or animal origin products and prefer ecological ones, soy candles are the perfect option because they are vegans.

They are 100% handmade and their high quality is proved.

Natural and vegan

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