Why buy 100% handmade candles? Everything that is made by hand is made with love, there is a person that has dedication, time and effort to create that product. These kinds of candles are more specific and can be designed to your taste.

Handmade candles have endless advantages over those that are processed.

Nowadays, these are the most wanted among people who recreate relaxing environments with blinking shadows and nice aromas for their favorite spaces. 

Benefits of buying handmade candles

1. They have no chemicals that are unpleasant. If you chose the natural option you do not have to worry about that. The wicks are made from materials as cotton, hemp or wood which do not release toxins.

2. They last longer, because the natural waxes have a lower melting point. This means more for your money and that you could enjoy your candles for a longer time. 

3. The quality is guaranteed. Craftsmen invest time, money and effort to create quality products and thus ensure that you receive value for money, in contrast with mass products that you can see on the shelves in stores.

4. Support for small companies: Even though there are renowned stores that sell handmade natural candles, most of these products emerge from a person’s dream and you can contribute to achieve it. 

Properties of handmade candles

They are made from natural products

They last longer

The fragrance’s concentration is much higher.

They do not produce black soot.

Waste can be easily cleaned

Do not release toxins.

Proven quality

The scents are nicer

Natural and vegan

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